Social Project for Electrifying Rural Schools: Full installation of photovoltaic solar system at school “Cerro de los Niños” in Jalisco.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Fisterra Energy in collaboration with The Pale Blue Dot, a non-profit Civil Association established in Mexico in 2015, has initiated a social project that contemplates the solar electrification of three rural schools in order to provide a source of sustainable energy to schools and towns without access to electricity.

The first installation of a photovoltaic solar system was carried out last June 21st at the “Cerro de los Niños” school located in La Cebolleta, in the municipality of Mezquitic, Jalisco.

In order to actively involve the community and ensure the care of the installed system, a local committee has been trained to be responsible for supervising the management and use of the installed equipment. In addition, an educational workshop with environmental issues was organized for children and adults, to make them aware of the importance of renewable energy and its positive impact on their daily lives and the ecosystem.

Both the installation and maintenance of the system is carried out by technicians who live in neighboring areas and, therefore, can maintain a continuous link with the community involved.

This grant/donation ensures that 56 students, 2 teachers and other members of the community have access to a sustainable source of energy at school that will provide adequate light and a reliable source of electricity necessary for carrying out their educational tools and communication technology. The main activities carried out are:

  • Lighting of school areas: 1 classroom, the Staff room, library and outdoor spaces.
  • Session on solar energy with the participation of the 56 children attending the school, which was simultaneously translated to wixarika with the help of the school staff.
  • Creation of the Electrification Committee made up of a member of the community, the School Principal, the Teacher and three parents.
  • Training workshop on solar energy and on the use of the installed equipment and its capabilities.
  • Enable a classroom with lighting to be used as the school library.