Fisterra’s team has a long and successful track record working together with proven results in the investment of billions of dollars, combining management and technical capabilities to cover all aspects of project development, project financing, long-term supply contracts, M&A, construction and operation of energy and infrastructure projects and setting up, developing and managing electricity and gas supply companies.

The team has collectively managed the development of more than 25,000 MW of new power projects during the past 15 years and has successfully built more than 8,000 MW of power plant projects in more than 15 countries.

Fisterra´s team transformed Iberdrola Renewables from a start-up in 2002 into the leading international renewable energy company by 2006. The team was responsible for:

  • The acquisition of approximately 3,000 MW of wind power in Europe and Latin America
  • Over 10,000 MW of thermal generation in Europe
  • The award, construction and operation of more than 5,000 MW in combined cycle gas plants
  • Over 3,000 km of high voltage lines and substations throughout the world
  • The development and construction of over 1,800 MW of wind projects all over Europe, Northern Africa, the U.S. and Latin America.

While working for international companies, current members of the Fisterra team were involved in:

  • Energy trading (physical and financial) in wholesale and retail markets and in several European countries
  • Managing a portfolio of over 10,000 MW of thermal and renewable generation across Europe
  • Procurement of gas, plant optimization and dispatching
  • Energy sales into wholesale and retail customers
  • Creating from scratch a leading international non-incumbent electricity and gas supply company in Spain, France and Italy selling over 50 TWh to liberalized customers and representing more than 2,000 MW of renewable generation into the liberalized Spanish electricity market and trading energy cross border
  • Energy Efficiency, identifying integral solutions for energy consumers

In addition, Fisterra’s team has a proven track-record of teamwork, being one of its main assets the ability and experience to undertake complex projects in a comprehensive way. Together with the mentioned experience and capabilities, fast performance and flexibility are other core skills of this team to identify the best opportunities and reach agile transaction closings to have a competitive advantage and maximize the value of each investment.