Fisterra Energy is focused on energy investments through the entire value chain of the energy sector:

  • Greenfield investments and assets in development.
  • Assets under construction.
  • Projects in operation.

Sectors to invest include:

  • Conventional energies: Gas and thermal electricity generation.
  • Renewable energies: Onshore wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, biogas and hydro.
  • Transmission, distribution and storage infrastructures.
  • Hydrogen.
  • Sustainability investments towards GHG emission reduction.

In recent years, Fisterra Energy has shifted its pipeline focus towards the development of technologies and solutions that will drive a cleaner, more sustainable, energy future.


Fisterra Energy has created a green hydrogen development platform in Spain based on 3 categories of projects:

  • Large scale projects in ports.
  • Medium scale projects inland.
  • A network of hydrogen stations.


Fisterra Energy is developing three onshore wind farms, up to 136 MW, in País Vasco, north of Spain, considering the favorable resource conditions of the region.

Additionally, Fisterra Energy has different solar pv developments in Spain, which amount to 165 MWp, and in Mexico (up to 1GWp).