Supply Company. Qualified Supplier

Energía Buenavista (EB), an affiliate of Fisterra Energy, was the first Qualified Supplier to receive the permit from the Mexican regulator to become Qualified Supplier in the recently liberalized electricity market in December 2015.

Since March 2016, EB has become Market Participant after signing a contract with the Market Operator which allows the company to sell electricity to eligible consumers (above 1 MW).

Ektria is the brand chosen to channel all the retail commercial efforts of Fisterra in Mexico under the license of EB. (

Ektria publishes on a weekly basis the first Market electricity Newsletter in Mexico. (

Ektria commercializes the following products/services:

  1. Under the EB Qualified Supplier license
      i. Electricity supply to eligible consumers (above 1 MW of capacity).
      ii. Wholesale market representation to electricity generators. (below 0.5MW).
      iii. Electricity Infrastructure investments and financing together with electricity supply.
  2. Financial Trading of electricity.
  3. Long Term Legacy Contracts (Grandfathered contracts) from Legacy generation permitted assets owned by the Blackstone/Fisterra group.