Fisterra Energy performs additional relief efforts in Mexico to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak

Fisterra Energy, as part of its strong corporate social responsibility values, and additional to the donations already performed in Madrid, decided to materialize new donations in Jalisco and Guanajuato (Mexico), where Fisterra’s projects stand, in the form of sanitary materials for individual protection as it has been an obvious need all over the world and food supplies for the vulnerable population.

It is clear that the pandemic has been a challenge to obtain basic personal protection equipment mainly for health personnel in the world. Countries were not ready with enough volume of material to cover the instant massive needs created by the pandemic. Mexico has not been an exception and the dimension of the problem was potentially bigger due to the large size of the country and the number of inhabitants (128 million). Additionally, the reduction on the economic activity generated by the pandemic has impacted families around the projects forcing them to attend the charity dining rooms.

Considering this, Fisterra Energy has performed donations through several foundations and hospitals, such as, in Jalisco: IMSS Foundation, Jalisco sin Hambre and in Guanajuato: Hospital CAISES Cortazar and Desarrollo Integral de la Familia-Cortazar. Contributed equipment includes 4,800 particulate respirators, 4,100 face covers and 40 infrared thermometers. Additionally, Fisterra has provided food for community services, serving meals for more than 4,000 people for 15 days in Jalisco. Similarly, food donations for community services have been performed in Guanajuato.

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Fisterra Energy donates to San Rafael hospital in Madrid to help fight the COVID-19 outbreak

In view of the health emergency that the COVID-19 pandemic is generating across the globe, which is impacting strongly in Spain and in Madrid specifically, Fisterra Energy, as part of its strong corporate social responsibility values, has decided to perform a donation to an important hospital in Madrid (Hospital San Rafael), where the company’s headquarters stand.

With this donation of Fisterra Energy, the hospital will be able to acquire the essential protective material that its needed to treat COVID-19 patients safely, increasing the capacity of the hospital to treat new and severe patients as medical staff now will have the tools to effectively combat the disease.

COVID-19 rapid spread across the world has resulted in a large number of people needing medical assistance, putting an enormous pressure on hospital’s patient capacity and has overwhelmed its intensive care units due to the severity of the disease. This problem, combined with the lack of enough protective material that hospitals have to avoid medical professionals’ infection, has led to a lot of them having to be held in quarantine, contributing to increase the seriousness of the situation and reducing the capacity of the health systems to treat new patients as the virus continues to spread.

Fisterra Energy provides School Transportation in Communities near the Tierra Mojada Project

Fisterra, within the Social Investment Plan of the Tierra Mojada Combined Cycle Project, has launched an School Transportation program in the communities near to the Tierra Mojada Project. With this, Fisterra Energy contributes to improve the safety of the youngest students as, with this initiative, no more students will need to walk through frequented roads in order to go and return from their schools.

Fisterra Energy launches an internship program with the Polytechnic University of Guanajuato

Fisterra, within the Social Investment Plan of the Tierra Mojada Combined Cycle Project, has launched an internship program with the Polytechnic University of Guanajuato, which is a public university with a strong focus on renewable energy and environment protection.

15 students will incorporate to several working areas of Tierra Mojada in 4 month periods and, additionally, will receive health, security and environmental training.

Fisterra Energy donates an X-Ray device to the local Red Cross in the State of Jalisco

As part of its strong commitment with Social Responsibility Activities, Fisterra Energy, through its subsidiary in Mexico Ciclo Combinado Tierra Mojada, has donated an X-Ray medical device to the local Red Cross office in Zapotlanejo, in the State of Jalisco.

The new device installed will improve significantly the health of the local population, by helping Red Cross’ doctors to diagnose and treat different disorders and medical conditions, mainly skeletal diseases and traumatisms, but also other important illnesses such as pneumonia, abscesses or pulmonary edemas.

With this donation, Fisterra Energy reaffirms its commitment with the local communities where it develops its activities, to ensure the development and welfare of these communities.

Fisterra Energy supports Mexico earthquake victims through a donation

Fisterra Energy Group, through their company established in Mexico, Fisterra Energy Mexico, has made a donation to help in the reconstruction works after the earthquakes suffered in Mexico City and other states in September 7th and 19th.

Fisterra Energy, through its Corporate Social Responsibility Program, acquires the commitment to help the areas in which it carries out its activities.

The donation has been made to “Fuerza México” Trust, which is aimed at channeling contributions from business organizations and private sector companies.

The private “Fuerza México” Trust, aims to rebuild in the affected states by earthquakes on September 7th and 19th, particularly in Chiapas, Oaxaca, Tabasco, Guerrero, Puebla, Morelos, Estado de México and Mexico City.

In the first stage, the activities were focused on attending emergencies. Today, the second stage is helping the affected zone through reconstruction and recovery efforts. The planned projects are defined in coordination with the Trust Funding Committee with the affected areas.

Since 2013, Fisterra Energy has presence in Mexico, which is why it is a priority for the Company to support the country.

Social Project for Electrifying Rural Schools: Full installation of photovoltaic solar system at school “Cerro de los Niños” in Jalisco.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, Fisterra Energy in collaboration with The Pale Blue Dot, a non-profit Civil Association established in Mexico in 2015, has carried out a social project that contemplates the solar electrification of three rural schools.

Fisterra´s donation ensures that 146 students, 7 teachers and members of three communities, have access to an independent and sustainable source of energy at the school, in order to have suitable light and safe and reliable power supply for educational tools and different communication technologies.

At each school:

  • An autonomous photovoltaic solar system was installed, which generates 900 daily watts of electricity and is comprised of:
    • 2 solar panels (100 watts each one)
    • Investor
    • Load Controller
    • Batteries
  • A lecture regarding solar energy was provided to students, teachers and parents to explain the importance of energy sustainability.
  • The Electrification Committee was created in order to ensure care and maintenance of the installed equipment; such Committee is formed by the Principal, teachers and parents.
  • A technical training was provided regarding the use of the installed equipment, its functioning and its capacities.

Solar energy for “El Nogal” kindergarten and high school

This school is a multigrade school; it´s a high school (Secretariat of Public Education (Secretaría de Educación Pública), SEP, as per its acronym in Spanish) in the mornings and preschool (National Council for Educational Development, (Consejo Nacional de Fomento Educativo), CONAFE, as per its acronym in Spanish) in the afternoons. It is located amidst agave and milpa fields, thus in the community they are mainly day laborer and jimadores. It is their first approach to solar energy. FACILITIES: September 26, 2017

Solar energy for elementary school “Fernando Montes de Oca”

This school is located on the outskirts of the town of Santa Ana, where the Sanctuary of Saint Toribio Romo is located, generating a constant influx of pilgrims and trade, which are the main economic activities. The school was connected to the power installation from a school parent, since they do not have the resources to fund the network extension. FACILITIES: September 27, 2017

Solar energy for elementary school “Cerro de los Niños”

This school is located in the Sierra Madre. The community belongs to the huichol people (wixarika), which has maintained its indigenous identity, ancestral knowledge, worldview, lands and traditions and where the sun is considered a deity. FACILITIES: June 21, 2017