Generation Company

Frontera México Generación (FMG), an affiliate of Fisterra Energy, was the first private company in Mexico to become Market Participant in the newly liberalized wholesale market (February 2016) selling electricity to CENACE (System Operator) from the first day of the market.

FMG commercializes the following products/services:

    1. Wholesale market representation to electricity generators (above 0.5 MW). Frontera Power Plant (540 MW) has been the first asset to be represented by a private Market Participant in Mexico. Frontera México Generation is already representing third parties generation plants, sells all the different products of the market including energy and CELs and performs all the necessary activities for a plant to be a market participant including all the requirements of Cenace. Third parties represented by Frontera México Generation have several benefits and savings such as not having to present guarantees or avoiding to create a 24×7 control center.
    2. Hedge contracts to Qualified Suppliers.
    3. Financial Trading of electricity.